Santo-Alinhamento de 4 de Julho 2005

(Último) programa conduzido pelas sinuosas estradas da Pop por Miguel Henriques:

01. Tricky: Hell is around the corner [A ruff guide; 2002]
02. Kings of Convenience: I’d rather dance with you [Riot on an empty street; 2004]
03. Nouvelle Vague: Too drunk to fuck [Nouvelle Vague; 2004]
04. Karelia: Love’s a cliché [Divorce at high noon; 1997]
05. The Tears: Lovers [Here comes the Tears; 2005]
06. The Killers: Midnight show [Hot Fuss; 2004]
07. Le Tigre: TKO [This Island; 2004]
08. The Charlatans: Up at the lake [Up at the lake; 2004]
09. Echo and the Bunnymen: The cutter [Ballyhoo; 1997]
10. Morrissey: Irish Blood English Heart [You are the quarry; 2004]
11. Graham Coxon: Spectacular [Happiness in magazines; 2004]
12. Futureheads: Meantime [Futureheads; 2004]
13. Kaiser Chiefs: Everyday I love you less and less [Employment; 2005]
14. Vive la Fête: Liberté [Grand Prix; 2005]
15. Depeche Mode : Love in itself [Singles 1981-1985]

………E salta rainha, e salta rainha, olé!!..............

01. The Bravery: Unconditional [The Bravery; 2005]
02. Franz Ferdinand: This fffire [Franz Ferdinand deluxe edition; 2004]

Crónica “Summer Holiday at RUC” de Sara Mendes: Vincent Gallo

03. Nick Cave: Cannibal Hymn [Abbatoir Blues; 2004]
04. Madrugada: The kids are on bright street [Deep end; 2005]
05. Thomas Fersen e Brumcello: Le bouton [Tot ou Tard; 2005]
06. Lhasa e Vincent Delerm: L’echelle de Richter [Tot ou Tard; 2005]
07. Serge Gainsbourg: Je suis venu te dire que je m’en vais [Antohologie]
08. Tori Amos: I don’t like Mondays [Strange Little girls; 2001]
09. Sneaker Pimps: 6 underground [Six Underground; 1996]
10. Divine Comedy: Come home Billy Bird [Absent Friends;2004]
11. Monty Python: Look on the bright side of life [Life of Brian;1979]

Fim! Pum! O Pop Dylan Morreu! Viva o Pop Dylan! Hasta Octubre siempre!