Setlist de 24 Junho 2005

inês patrão acaba o que começou

01. rogue wave "kicking the heart out" (out of the shadow, 2004)
02. adem "everything you need" (homesongs, 2004)
03. athlete "tourist" (tourist, 2005)
04. pinback "this red book" (summer in abaddon, 2004)
05. ambulance ltd "stay tuned" (ambulance ltd, 2004)
06. broken social scene "stars and sons" (you forgot it in people, 2002)
07. beck "earthquake weather" (guero, 2005)
08. cake "palm of your hand" (pressure chief, 2004)
09. vetiver "amour fou [with devendra banhart]" (vetiver, 2004)
10. devendra banhart "little yellow spider" (niño rojo, 2004)
11. sufjan stevens "the dress looks nice on you" (seven swans, 2004)
12. joanna newsom "peach, plum, pear" (the milk-eyed mender, 2004)
13. bright eyes "road to joy" (i'm wide awake, it's morning, 2005)
14. jennifer gentle "tiny dolls" (valende, 2005)

intervalo, precisamente a meio do programa

crónica "Summer Hollidays" por Sara Mendes : Kasabian

01. azure ray "new resolution" (hold on love, 2002)
02. cornelius "drop [kings of convenience rmx]" (dj kicks: erlend oye, 2004)
03. the books "none but shining hours" (lost and safe, 2005)
04. radiohead "a punch up at a wedding" (hail to the thief, 2003)
05. badly drawn boy "40 days 40 fights" (have you fed the fish?, 2003)
06. gomo "proud to be bald" (best of gomo, 2004)
07. elliott smith "son of sam" (figure 8, 2000)
08. destroyer "it's gonna take an airplane" (your blues, 2004)
09. blur "caravan" (think tank, 2003)
10. andrew bird "sovay" (andrew bird and the mysterious production of eggs, 2005)
11. air "playground love" (the virgin suivides ost, 1999)

e assim acaba, venha o fim-de-semana! (yours truly has to work, but do enjoy...)