The lost set-list of 21 de Junho 2005

Programa-Rally conduzido por Miguel Henriques e co-pilotado por Pedro Sousa:

01. Specials: A message to rudy [Ska is the limit; 1997]
02. Skatalites: C’ant you see
03. Adam Green: Emily [Gemstones; 2005]
04. Clã: Cowboy solidário [Kazoo;1997]
05. Libertines: Death on the stairs [Up the bracket; 2002]
06. The Jam: Going underground [Very best of; 1997]
07. Maximo Park: Graffiti [A certain trigger; 2005]
08. Lords of the New Church: Russian Roulette [Som da Frente 1982-1986; 2002]
09. Sétima Legião: Glória [A um deus desconhecido; 1990]
10. New Order: Dracula’s castle [Waiting for the Siren’s call; 2005]
11. Modest Mouse: Float on [Good news for people who love bad news; 2004]
12. Eels: Old shit – New shit [Blinking lights and other revelations; 2005]
13. Air: Surfing on a rocket [Talkie Walkie; 2004]
14. Humanos: Amor de Conserva [Humanos; 2004]

…….. Preparação da máquina do tempo. Destino: Anos 80!..........

01. OMD: Electricity [Best of]
02. Soft Cell: Taintel love [The ultimate electropop album]
03. Vive la Fête: Hot Shot [Grand Prix; 2005]
04. LCD Soundsystem: Tribulations [LCD Soundsystem; 2005]
05. Dresden Dolls: Missed me [Dresden Dolls; 2004]
06. Nouvelle Vague: Marian [Nouvelle Vague; 2004]
07. Lambchop: This Corrosion
08. Matt Elliot: What the fuck am I doing on this battlefield? [Drinking songs; 2005]
09. Radiohead : No surprises [OK Computer; 1997]
10. This Mortal Coil: Tarantula [ Filigree and Shadow]
11. Cocteau Twins: Theft and wondering around lost [Four Calender Café;1993]
12. Lhasa: Con toda a palavra [The living road; 2003]

Co-Piloto Pedro Sousa diz: Easy left... Go Go!!