Setlist 26 Maio 2005

banhos de sol recomendados por inês patrão

01. jack johnson "banana pancakes" (in between dreams, 2005)
02. elliott smith "a fond farewell" (from a basement on the hill, 2004)
03. adem "everything you need" (homesongs, 2004)
04. the shins "new slang" (oh, inverted world, 2001)
05. rogue wave "kicking the heart out" (out of the shadow, 2004)
06. vetiver "amour fou (with devendra banhart)" (vetiver, 2004)
07. devendra banhart "this is the way" (rejoicing in the hands, 2004)
08. sufjan stevens "the transfiguration" (seven swans, 2004)
09. joanna newsom "bridges and balloons" (the milk-eyed mender, 2004)
10. laura veirs "ether sings" (carbon glacier, 2004)
11. nina nastasia "a dog's life" (dogs, 2004)
12. feist "mushaboom" (let it die, 2004)
13. the cardigans "deuce" (the x-files: the album, 1998)
14. aimee mann "dear john" (the forgotten arm, 2005)
15. ani difranco "modulation" (knuckle down, 2005)

dada a lição de weird folk, preparação para uns apontamentos de indie pop-rock

01. pinback "fortress" (summer in abaddon, 2004)
02. ambulance ltd "stay tuned" (ambulance ltd, 2004)
03. the wannadies "skin" (before and after, 2002)
04. rufus wainwright "the one you love" (want two, 2004)
05. spoon "the way we get by" (kill the moonlight, 2002)
06. eels "hey man (now you're really living)" (blinking lights and other revelations, 2005)
07. beck "earthquake weather" (guero, 2005)
08. gorillaz "dirty harry" (demon days, 2005)
09. cornelius "drops (kings of convenience remix)" (dj kicks: erlend oye, 2004)
10. erlend oye "sudden rush" (unrest, 2003)
11. phoenix "if i ever feel better" (dj kicks: erlend oye, 2004)
12. björk "oceania" (medúlla, 2004)
13. emiliana torrini "today has been ok" (fisherman's woman, 2005)
14. air "easy going woman" (surfing on a rocket [ep], 2004)
15. jack johnson "breakdown" (in between dreams, 2005)

toca a sacudir a areia dos pés, são horas de sair do sol e ir tomar um ice tea de limão :)