Setlist 12 Abril 2005

regresso ao passado conduzido por inês patrão

01. tori amos "cornflake girl" (under the pink, 1994)
02. pj harvey "down by the water" (to bring you my love, 1995)
03. fiona apple "extraordinary machine" (extraordinary machine, 2005)
04. smoke city "underwater love" (flying away, 1997)
05. haley bonar "save a horse, ride a cowboy" (the size of planets, 2002)
06. nouvelle vague "too drunk to fuck" (nouvelle vague, 2004)
07. the cardigans "starter" (gran turismo, 1998)
08. le tigre "tell you now" (this island, 2004)
09. the coral "venom cable" (nightfreak and the sons of becker, 2004)
10. stephen malkmus "jo jo's jacket" (stephen malkmus, 2001)
11. departure lounge "be good to yourself" (too late to die young, 2002)
12. grandaddy "miner at the dial-a-view" (the sophtware slump, 2000)
13. blur "tender" (blur: the best of, 2000)

rádio nostalgia, parte 2 / best of 2004

01. radiohead "high and dry" (the bends, 1995)
02. r.e.m. "electrolite" (new adventures in hi-fi, 1996)
03. rogue wave "kicking the heart out" (out of the shadow, 2004)
04. elliott smith "a fond farewell" (from a basement on the hill, 2004)
05. sufjan stevens "the transfiguration" (seven swans, 2004)
06. joanna newsom "peach, plum, pear" (the milk-eyed mender, 2004)
07. laura veirs "snow camping" (carbon glacier, 2004)
08. vetiver "amour fou" (vetiver, 2004)
09. magnet "the day we left town" (on your side, 2004)
10. turin brakes "average man" (ether song, 2003)
11. rufus wainwright "the one you love" (want two, 2004)
12. erlend oye "every party has a winner and a loser" (unrest, 2003)
13. marz "forever never" (wir sind hier, 2004)

(...) they must have paid her a nice price
she's putting on a string beam love (...)
this is not really, this is not really happening
you bet your life it is...