Set-list de 4 de Abril de 2005

Cocktail de gripe, otite aguda e pop-paracetamol feito por Miguel Henriques:

01. The Clash: Guns of Brixton [London Calling 25th anniversary edition; 2004]
02. Arcade Fire: Neighbourhood nº 2 [Funeral; 2004]
03. Adam Green: Emily [Gemstones; 2005]
04. Iggy Pop: Candy [Nude and Rude; 1996]
05. Divine Comedy: A woman of the world [Casanova; 1996]
06. The Dears: Warm and sunny days [No Cities Left; 2004]
07. Love and the Rockets: Haunted when the music drag [Seventh dream of teenage heaven; 1986]
08. Morrissey: Mexico [You are the quarry deluxe edition; 2004]
09. Doves: Black and White Town [Some Cities; 2005]
10. Pluto: Prisão[Bom Dia; 2004]
11. Pavement: Heaven is a truck [Crooked Rain Crooked Rain; 1994]
12. Ani di Franco: Sunday Morning [Knuckle down; 2005]

P.S. Papa was a rolling stone

01. Beck: Girl [Guero; 2005]
02. The Killers: Midnight show [Hot Fuss; 2004]
03. Soft Cell: Tainted love [Singles 1981-1985; 1986]
04. Stereo Total: Vive le week-end [Do the bambi; 2005]
05. Athlete: Chicken payback [Tourist; 2005]
06. Happy Mondays: 24 hour party people [24 hour party people soundtrack; 2002]
07. New Order: Guilt is a useless emotion [Waiting For The Sirens' Call;2005]
08. Bloc Party: Banquet [Silent Alarm; 2005]
09. Manic Street Preachers: If white America told the truth its world would fall apart [Holy Bible 10th Anniversary edition; 2004]
10. Midnight Oil: Beds are burning [Diesel and Dust;1987]
11. The Go! Team: Junior Kickstart [Thunder, Lightning, Strike; 2004]
12. Muse: Feeling Good [Origin of Simmetry; 2001]
13. Magnetic Fields: I thought you were my boyfriend [I; 2004]
14. Jack Johnson: Never know [In between dreams; 2005]
15. The Pogues: Farytale of New York [If I should fall from grace with God; 1988]

P.S.R. Papa don’t preach.


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