Set-list de 11 de Abril de 2005

Coctail urbano-depressivo preparado por Miguel Henriques:

01. Franz Ferdinand: Jacqueline [Franz Ferdinand; 2004]
02. Joy Division: New dawn fades [Unknown pleasures; 1979]
03. Kafka: Ballerina [Fantôme – Into the waltz; 2003]
04. Jack Johnson: Never Know [In between dreams; 2005]
05. Bright Eyes: First day of my life [I’m wide awake it’s morning; 2005]
06. Air: Surfing on a rocket – no more heroes mix [Surfing on a rocket EP; 2005]
07. Massive Attack: Safe from harm [Blue Lines; 1991]
08. Gotan Project: Cité Tango [Inspiración Espiración; 2004]
09. Nouvelle Vague: Friday Night Saturday Morning [Nouvelle Vague; 2004]
10. Pascal Parisot: Ça alors [Le pop II; 2003]
11. Lhasa: Con toda a palavra [Living Road; 2004]
12. Rodrigo Leão: Deep Blue [Cinema; 2004]
13. Josh Rouse: It’s the nightime [Nashville; 2005]
14. Devendra Banhart: Ay mama [Niño Rojo; 2004]

01. Wall of Voodoo: Mexican Radio [Call of the West; 2005 (reedição)]
02. Talking Heads: Burning down the house [Best Of; 2005]
03. LCD Soundsystem: Daft Punk is playing at my house [LCD Soundsystem; 2005]
04. Le Tigre: I’m so excited [This Island; 2004]
05. Babyshambles: Gang of gin [Killamangiro EP; 2005]
06. Kaiser Chiefs: Everyday I love you less and less [Employment; 2005]
07. Pixies: Is she weird [Bossa Nova; 1990]
08. Supergrass: Some girls are bigger than others [The Smiths is dead; 1996]
09. Cure: Fascination Street [The Cure Galore; 1997]
10. I am Kloot: The same deep water as me [I am Kloot; 2005]
11. Madrugada: Get back in line [Grit; 2002]
12. Kings of Convenience: Stay out of trouble [Riot on an empty street; 2004]
13. Alice in Chains: Rooster [Rooster; 1996]


At 10:24 da tarde, Anonymous Anónimo said...

momento alto da minha manhã inteira a cortar e a dobrar
as 40 folhas A0 de um projecto:

is she over me?
like the stars and the sun
like the stars and the sun!

dj reverse


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