Alinhamento pós-revolucionário de 25 de Abril de 2005

Guitarras e Cravos semeados no éter pelo Capitão Miguel Henriques:

01. Sérgio Godinho: Liberdade [À Queima Roupa; 1974]
02. José Mário Branco: Cantiga para pedir dois tostões [Mudam-se os tempos mudam-se as vontades]
03. Victor Jara: Deja la vida volar [Complete; 2004]
04. The Dears: Warm and Sunny Days [No cities left; 2004]
05. Modest Mouse: Float on [Good news for people who love bad news; 2004]
06. XTC: Making plans for Nigel [Drums and wires; 1979]
07. Snow Patrol: Spitting games [Final Straw; 2004]
08. Blur: Popscene [Modern life is rubbish; 1993]
09. Supergrass: Never done nothing like that before [Life on other planets]
10. Kaiser Chiefs: Oh my god [Employment; 2005]
11. Libertines: Can't stand me now [Libertines; 2004]
12. Eels: Old shit - New Shit [Blinking eyes and other revelations; 2005]
13. Electrelane: On parade [The Power Out; 2004]
14. Beck: Que onda guero [Guero; 2005]
15. Gorrillaz: Feel good inc. [Demon Days; 2005]
16. Chicks on Speed: Fashion Rules [99 cents; 2003]

Os primeiros fascistas da Pop começam a fugir para o Brasil...

01. Pascal Comelade: L'argot du bruit [L'argot du bruit; 1998]
02. Serge Gainsbourg: Ford Mustang [Comict Strip; 1997]
03. Suede: Metal Mickey [Suede; 1993]
04. Matt Pond PA: Winterlong [Wintersongs EP; 2005]
05. Ballboy: Avant Garde Music [A guide for the daylight hours; 2004]
06. Plaza: Out on the radio [; 2004]
07. The Zutons: Havana gang brawl [Who killed the Zutons?; 2004]
08. British Sea Power: To get to sleep [Open season; 2005]
09. Doves: Black and white town [Some cities; 2005]
10. Nick Drake: Clothes of sand [Made to love magic; 2004]
11. Antony and the Johnsons: Fist full of love [I am bird now; 2005]
12. Devendra Banhart: Little yellow spider [Niño Rojo; 2004]
13. Jens Lekman: Maple leaves [When I said I wanted to be your dog; 2004]
14. Leonard Cohen: Because of [Dear Heather; 2004]
15. Ani di Franco: Sunday morning [Knuckle down; 2005]
16. Dakota Suite: Winter Song [Songs for a barbed wire fence; 1999]

Alinhamento de Programa não revisto pela Comissão de Censura


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