Setlist de 8 de Fevereiro 2005

serpentinas lançadas por inês patrão

01. jim white "static on the radio (w/ aimee mann)" (drilla hole in that substrate and tell me what you see, 2004)
02. the coral "venom cable" (nightfreak and the sons of becker, 2004)
03. morhpine "top floor, bottom buzzer" (the night, 2000)
04. esthero "heaven sent" (breath from another, 1998)
05. marcy playground "comin' up from behind" (cruel intentions soundtrack, 1999)
06. supergrass "pumping on your stereo" (supergrass, 1999)
07. radiohead "a punchup at a wedding" (hail to the thief, 2003)
08. pj harvey "down by the water" (to bring you my love, 1995)
09. belle & sebastian "step into my office, baby" (dear catastrophe waitress, 2003)
10. beck "que onda guero" (guero, 2005)
11. gorky's zygotic mynci "poodle rockin'" (spanish dance troupe, 1999)
12. the arcade fire "rebellion (lies)" (funeral, 2004)
13. the dandy warhols "not if you were the last junkie on earth" (...the dandy warhols come down, 1997)
14. the strokes "someday" (is this it, 2001)

intervalo para brincar com os botões do estúdio :)

01. pinback "fortress" (summer in abaddon, 2004)
02. ambulance ltd "anecdote" (ambulance ltd, 2004)
03. rogue wave "nourishment nation" (out of the shadow, 2004)
04. the shins "saint simon" (shutes too narrow, 2003)
05. the shins "new slang" (garden state soundtrack, 2004)
06. animal collective "leaf house" (sung tongs, 2004)
07. kings of convenience "singing softly to me" (quiet is the new loud, 2001)
08. iron & wine "on your wings" (our endless numbered days, 2004)
09. elliott smith "memory lane" (from a basement on the hill, 2004)
10. carla bruni "j'en connais" (quelqu'un m'a dit, 2002)
11. nouvelle vague "love will tear us apart" (nouvelle vague, 2004)
12. smoke city "mr. gorgeous (and miss curvatious)" (flying away, 1997)
13. carla torgerson "pelagic" (saint stranger, 2004)
14. ani difranco "modulation" (knuckle down, 2005)
15. adem "everything you need" (homesongs, 2004)
16. the go find "summer quest" (miami, 2004)

que onda, guero!

para ler, no y desta semana: qué pasa, beck?

para apontar na agenda: nouvelle vague ao vivo
- 11 fev. no lux (lisboa)
- 12 fev. no indústria (porto)

mais sobre garden state aqui. estreia quinta-feira nesta nação. amanhã falamos mais sobre isso, aqui.