Setlist de 22 Fevereiro

por tiago bonny

dick dale and his del-tones :: misirlou (pulp fiction st)
no smoking orchestra :: who killed the dj? (life is a miracle)
mr bungle :: none of them knew they were robots (california)
faith no more :: stripsearch (album of the year)
the coral :: don´t think you´re the first (magic and medicine)
the zuttons :: hawana gang brawl (who killed the zuttons?)
radio 4 :: nation (stealing of a nation)
interpol :: a time to be so small (antics)
kings of leon :: slow night, so long (aha shake heartbreak)
doves :: one of those days (some cities)
ed harcourt :: black dress (strangers)
kings of convenience :: homesick (riot on an empty street)
ballboy :: meet me in the shooting range (a guide for the daylight hours)
american music club :: myopic books (love songs for patriots)

- intervalo -

bebel gilberto :: aganju (bebel gilberto)
humanos :: maria albertina (humanos)
clã :: topo de gama (rosa carne)
pluto :: segue-me à luz (bom dia)
gomo :: proud to be bald (best of)
beck :: hell yes (guero)
the clash :: should i stay or shoul i go (combat rock)
the charlattans :: up at the lake (up at the lake)
brian wilson :: good vibrations (smile)
the bees :: go karts (free the bees)
rogue wave :: nourishment nation (out of the shadow)
cake :: palm of your hand (pressure chief)
le tigre :: tko (this island)
franz ferdinand :: take me out (franz ferdinand)
the strokes :: 12:51

- fim -