Setlist de 16 de fevereiro 2005

programa conduzido por tiago bonny

beatles - i saw her standing there (please please me)
elvis costello - olivers army (armed forces)
faith no more - from out of nowhere (the real thing)
ben harper - steal my kisses (burn to shine)
supergrass - can´t get up (life on ther plans)
queens of the stone age - no one knows (songs for the deaf)
smashing pumpkins - cherub rock (siemese dream)
muse - new born (origin of simetry)
soulwax - muchagainsteveryonesadvice (muchagainsteveryonesadvice)
le tigre - sixteen (this island)
bjork - where is the line (medulla)
mogwai - take me some where nice (rock action)
anathema - are you there? (a natural disaster)
kings of convenience - home sick (riot on an empty street)

"compromissos publicitários" ;)

porcupine tree - trains (in absentia)
jeff buckley - last goodbye (grace)
nick drake - cello song (five leaves left)
jethro tull - mother goose (aqualung)
devendra benhart - insect ice (rejeicing in the hands)
tori amos - angels (tales of a librarian)
ed harcourt - born in the seventies (strangers)
the zuttons - pressure point (who killed the zuttons)
abberfeldy - summer´s gone (young forever)
rogue wave - kicking the heart on (out of the shadow)
the go team - junior kickstart (junior kickstart)
cake - wheels (pressure chief)
matt sharp - goodbye west coast
american music club - another morning (love songs for patriots)

the end