Setlist - 11.Fevereiro.2005

Por: Joel Ferreira

1. Alfie - People (People Single)
2. Kings of Convenience - Know-How (Riot on an empty street)
3. Tindersticks - People keep coming around (Can our Love)
4. Morphine - Mary won't you call my name (Cure for Pain)
5. Cat Power - Free (You are Free)
6. PJ Harvey - This is Love (Stories from the city, Stories from the Sea)
7. Patti Smith - Strange Messengers (Gung Ho)
8. The Walkabouts - On the Beach (Death Valley Days)
9. Josh Rouse - Late night conversation (Dressed up like Nebraska)
10. Rogue Wave - Kiking the Heart Out (Out of the Shadow)
11. Iron & Wine - Free until they cut me down (Our endless numbered days)
12. Devendra Banhart - See Saw (Rejoicing in the Hands)
13. Coco Rosie - Good Friday (La Maison de mon Reve)

- Pausa... para quê?

14. Nouvelle Vague - I just can get enough[Depeche Mode] (Nouvelle Vague)
15. Nuno,Nico - Guarda bem o teu tesouro (ep)
16. Quinteto Tati - Suor e Fantasia (Exílio)
17. Humanos - Maria Albertina
18. Placebo - Daddy Cool [Bonney M] (Sleeping with Ghosts)
19. Jack Plank - Milkman versus the Screen actors Guild (To Hell with you, I'll make my own people)
20. Carl Hancock Rux - Miguel (Rux Review)
21. Jay-Jay Johanson - Friday at Rex (Tatoo)
22. Air - Cherry Blossom Girl (Talkie Walkie)
23. Beta Band - Simple (Heroes to Zeros)
24. Le Tigre - TKO (This Island)
25. White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button (Elephant)
26. Party of One - Shotgun Funeral (Rock n' Roll Circus .comp.)
27. Blondie - One Way or Another (Hanging with the Strokes .comp.)
28. The Kills - Jewel Thief (Rock n' Roll Circus .comp.)
29. Franz Ferdinand - Come on Home (Franz Ferdinand)
30. The Libertines - Can stand me now

Ok, Adios Muchachas!!