Setlist de 19 de Janeiro 2005

Cozinha desarrumada por Inês Patrão

01. The Chordettes "Mr. Sandman"
02. The Shins "Saint Simon" (Shutes Too Narrow, 2003)
03. Rogue Wave "Nourishment Nation" (Out Of The Shadow, 2004)
04. Jack Johnson "Taylor" (On And On, 2003)
05. Alfie "People" (Do You Imagine Things?, 2003)
06. The Coral "Venom Cable" (Nightfreak And The Sons Of Becker, 2004)
07. Badly Drawn Boy "Something To Talk About" (About A Boy OST)
08. Nouvelle Vague "This Is Not A Love Song" (Nouvelle Vague, 2004)
09. Fiona Apple "Criminal" (Tidal, 1996)
10. Stephen Malkmus "Jo Jo's Jacket" (Stephen Malkmus, 2001)
11. Grandaddy "Miner At The Dial-A View" (The Sophtware Slump, 2000)
12. Grandaddy "Stray Dog And The Chocolate Shake" (Sumday, 2003)
13. Radiohead "I Am A Wicked Child" (Com Lag, 2004)
14. The Faint "Southern Belles In London Sing" (Wet From Birth, 2004)
15. Pinback "Non Photo-Blue" (Summer In Abaddon, 2004)

Intervalo para lavar uns pratos

01. The Earlies "Bring It Back Again" (These Were The Earlies, 2004)
02. Ambulance Ltd. "Swim" (Ambulance Ltd., 2004)
03. Lali Puna "B-Movie" (Faking The Books, 2004)
04. The Arcade Fire "Neighborhood #2 (Laika)" (Funeral, 2004)
05. Tomoyasu Hotei "Battle Without Honor Or Humanity" (Kill Bill Vol.1 OST, 2003)
06. Dead Combo "Eléctrica Cadente" (Vol.1, 2004)
07. Pluto "Entre Nós" (Bom Dia, 2004)
08. Doves "Last Broadcast" (The Last Broadcast, 2002)
09. Kings Of Convenience "Misread" (Riot On An Empty Street, 2004)
10. Stina Nordenstam "On Falling" (The World Is Saved, 2004)
11. Susanna And The Magical Orchestra "Jolene" (List Of Lights And Buoys, 2004)
12. Beck "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes" (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind OST, 2004)
13. Vetiver "Amour Fou" (Vetiver, 2004)
14. Devendra Banhart "A Sight To Behold" (Rejoicing In The Hands, 2004)
15. Mogwai "Hunted By A Freak" (Happy Songs For Happy People, 2003)