Pop Dylan de 3ª, 4 Janeiro 2005

Gourmet servido por Inês Patrão

01. The Shins "Saint Simon" (Shutes Too Narrow, 2003)
02. The Delgados "Keep On Breathing" (Universal Audio, 2004)
03. Phoenix "Run Run Run" (Alphabetical, 2004)
04. Rufus Wainwright "The One You Love" (Want Two, 2004)
05. Franz Ferdinand "40' " (Franz Ferdinand, 2004)
06. Scissor Sisters "Lovers In The Backseat" (Scissor Sisters, 2004)
07. The Wannadies "Piss On You" (Before And After, 2002)
08. The Fiery Furnaces "My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found" (Blueberry Boat, 2004)
09. Badly Drawn Boy "Another Devil Dies" (One Plus One Is One, 2004)
10. Fiona Apple "Paper Bag" (When The Pawn, 1999)
11. Maria João & Mário Laginha "Pés No Chão" (Tralha, 2004)
12. The Peanuts Theme
13. Cake "Palm Of Your Hand" (Pressure Chief, 2004)
14. Fatboy Slim "Put It Back Together (feat. Damon Albarn)" (Palookaville, 2004)
15. Ed Harcourt "Strangers" (Strangers, 2004)

Pausa para um snack...

01. Vetiver "Oh Papa" (Vetiver, 2004)
02. Joanna Newsom "Sprout And The Bean" (The Milk-Eyed Mender, 2004)
03. CocoRosie "By Your Side" (La Maison De Mon Rêve, 2004)
04. Devendra Banhart "We All Know" (Niño Rojo, 2004)
05. Rogue Wave "Kicking The Heart Out" (Out Of The Shadow, 2004)
06. Polly Paulusma "I Was Made To Love You" (Scissors In My Pocket, 2004)
07. Bebel Gilberto "Aganju" (Bebel Gilberto, 2004)
08. Lhasa "Para El Fin Del Mundo O El Año Nuevo" (The Living Road, 2003)
09. Feist "When I Was A Young Girl" (Let It Die, 2004)
10. PJ Harvey "Pocket Knife" (Uh Huh Her, 2004)
11. American Music Club "The Horseshoe Wreath In Bloom" (Love Songs For Patriots, 2004)
12. Broken Social Scene "Stars And Sons" (You Forgot It In People, 2002)
13. Animal Collective "Leaf House" (Sung Tongs, 2004)
14. The Beta Band "Lion Thief" (Heroes To Zeros, 2004)
15. Beck "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometimes" (Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Soundtrack, 2004)